We’ve tried to outline any questions you may have about ordering your gift baskets, flowers & plants online with us, but feel free to Contact Us if you still need help!

Q: Where do you deliver?
A: We are of course a Hills business, and we now do deliveries only within the Hills area. The following are a list of postcodes we deliver to: 5144, 5151, 5152, 5154, 5155, 5156, 5242, 5243, 5245, 5250, 5251, 5153, 5138, 5140, 5141, 5142, 5150, 5240, 5241, 5244, 5246, 5252, 5232, 5233, 5234

Q: How soon can I get my order delivered?
A: Of course, we will get your order out as soon as possible! Orders received before 10am can be sent same day within the Hills, but remember deliveries that are further out may require a little more co-ordination from our couriers – so advance warning is always appreciated! We have a morning courier run and an afternoon courier run (if required) & in most cases we can get deliveries out same day, but day before ordering is always best. There’s a handy dandy date picker in the checkout – so pick whichever date you like (as long as it’s during the week!!)

Q: How much does delivery cost?
A: We like to be as transparent as possible with our costs to you, so rather than take delivery fees out of your flower value, we like to let you know up front how much it will cost you. We use fantastic floral couriers – they drive around in specially modified, lovely cool vans that keep your flowers as perfect as possible for their destination. And of course – they cost money!

Local Hills deliveries are a flat rate of $9.50 (including GST). This covers anything in the 5144, 5151, 5152, 5154, 5155, 5242, 5243, 5245, 5250 & 5251 postcodes.

Deliveries to the Outer delivery zone outside these areas are a flat $19 (including GST). The postcodes this covers are: 5153, 5138, 5140, 5141, 5142, 5150, 5156, 5240, 5241, 5244, 5246 & 5252.

Deliveries to the Far Far Away zone (!) cover 5232, 5233 & 5234 and are a flat $29.50 (including GST)

But the checkout will let you know all that automatically when you put in the recipient details. Easy isn’t it!

Q: Do you send overseas or interstate?
A: No – sorry. Your best option is to get online and call the closest florist to your destination. It’s cheaper (often saving you around 40%), you’ll get fresher stock, and you’ll be keeping a small business IN business!

Q: Can I send flowers on Saturday or Sunday (or any public holidays)?
A: As many of you know, we have changed our way of doing things this year. After 12 years of working weekends, we’re taking a break from that. So no, afraid not!

Q: Will my flowers look like the picture?
A: Flowers are a fresh product – they vary from season to season. So the flowers may not look exactly like the picture, but we will substitute with whatever is closest and keeps the style and feel of the arrangement the same. We’re not into following a formula – so it may look a little different – but don’t worry – it will be just as lovely. Gift items are as is, although sometimes chocolates and nuts and nibbles need to be substituted depending on availability.

Q: What if no-one is home when my flowers & gifts are delivered?
A: We only use floral couriers to deliver our flowers. They have buckets and water on board, and will leave flowers in the coolest and most protected place to keep them safe. We ask for a phone number in the checkout incase we need to ring the recipient in the case of unusual circumstances or any delivery issues (our Hills area LOVES to throw quirky problems at us occasionally when delivering!). It’s up to you to give us correct address details – if we have to send the courier on a wild goose chase they will charge additional fees. Same goes for non-delivery, or re-routing deliveries. The costs can be quite high – so get it right!! And don’t worry – you don’t have to return the buckets if you’ve had your flowers left in one. On really hot days, we may insist on the recipient being home – not many flowers like being out in the heat!

Q: How long will the flowers last?
A: Different flowers last different lengths of time, and of course it all depends on the conditions they’re placed, and the amount of fresh water they receive. As a guideline, you should get at least 5 days out of your flowers, with many lasting a whole lot longer. We prefer to send out our flowers with a few open blooms, and some yet to open, prolonging the enjoyment. Read the information on our Flower Care page to give your flowers the best chances of survival!

Q: What if I don’t have an exact address?
A: We understand the Hills can be a tricky area for specific addresses, but all roads now have clearly marked house numbers, and we need that number to send the courier to. We can’t deliver without an address! So no PO Boxes, Lot Numbers or just road names please. Although we’re more than happy to be told it has bricks, big fences, hedges etc! Everything helps!

Q: Do all prices include GST?
A: The simple answer is yes!! And your delivery receipt will be perfectly acceptable to the tax office as your Tax Invoice 🙂

Q: How do I pay for my order?
A: We use PayPal for all our online orders. Its simple, safe, and super secure. If you don’t have a PayPal account (although most of us seem to these days!) then it’s easy to process your order without one – follow the instructions! We never see your Credit Card information (that’s the joy of PayPal) so it can’t be stored in any way. It’s the world’s most secure way to shop!

Q: Can I cancel my order?
A: We understand that sometimes circumstances change and you may need to cancel your order. Get in touch with us and let us know, and we will refund your PayPal account for the cost of the transaction minus a $5 fee to cover our costs. Just replying to your order confirmation email is the easiest way to get in touch!